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Our Recently Listed Tires

 SizeBrandModelWall TypeTread DepthPriceQuantityStock #Notes
View Details P225/50R17MichelinEnergy Saver A/SBlack Wall5/32 $50.00 2 21741 
View Details LT245/75R16PegasusAdvanta ATBlack Wall15/32 $99.00 2 21738BLOW OUT PRICING!! - Load Range E
View Details P185/65R14SailunAtrezzo SH406Black Wall10/32 $61.00 0 21737NEW Tire W/ 50K Tread Wear Warranty - Load Range  
View Details P185/60R15YokohamaAvid TouringBlack Wall5/32 $35.00 1 21732 
View Details P195/65R15FuzionTouringBlack Wall10/32 $73.99 4 21726Brand New package deal.
View Details P205/55R16SailunAtrezzo SH406Black Wall10/32 $82.03 4 21725NEW Tire W/ 50K Tread Wear Warranty - Load Range  
View Details P235/75R15GoodyearWrangler RadialOutlined White Letters13/32 $99.00 0 21724 
View Details P215/60R16SailunAtrezzo SH406Black Wall10/32 $79.00 0 21723NEW Tire W/ 50K Tread Wear Warranty (19871)
View Details P205/65R16FirestoneAffinity Touring S4NA6/32 $35.00 1 21722 
View Details P245/40R18ContinentalContiProContactBlack Wall6/32 $55.00 1 21721 
View Details P235/65R18NexenRoadian H/T-SUVBlack Wall11/32 $125.00 0 21718FREE 4 yr Road Hazard and Road Side Assistance NEW Tire W/ 60K Tread Wear Warranty
View Details P195/70R14SailunAtrezzo SH402Black Wall10/32 $80.00 0 21717NEW Tire W/ 50K Tread Wear Warranty - Load Range  
View Details P195/60R15SailunAtrezzo SH406Black Wall10/32 $64.00 4 21716ON SALE! NEW Tire W/ 50K Tread Wear Warranty (19863)
View Details P205/70R14Cornell1000Black Wall10/32 $54.99 1 21714 
View Details P195/70R14West LakeSP06Black Wall7/32 $40.00 1 21705 
View Details P225/75R15SuntekPro TouringWhite Wall10/32 $81.05 1 21700More Available to order. Call 401-681-4994.
View Details P195/60R15IronmanRB12Black Wall10/32 $65.94 0 21699A brand-new, unused tire. (153000033)
View Details P215/55R16IronmanImoveBlack Wall10/32 $95.94 0 21698 
View Details P195/65R15SailunAtrezzo SH406Black Wall10/32 $77.00 2 21696NEW Tire W/ 50K Tread Wear Warranty. (19864)
View Details P205/55R16SailunAtrezzo SH402Black Wall10/32 $86.00 0 21693NEW Tire W/ 50K Tread Wear Warranty (2552)


RI Used Tire is a reputable tire shop offering a large selection of quality used tires and new tires. Our experienced vehicle service professionals provide tire installation and auto repairs. RI Used Tire is conveniently located at 3126 Post Rd in Warwick, RI. Our online tire inventory is updated every minute and is available for installation or shipping nationwide.


At the end of 2003, the U.S. generated approximately 290 million scrap tires. Historically, these scrap tires took up space in landfills or provided breeding grounds for mosquitoes and rodents when stockpiled or illegally dumped. Reuse is recycling. The purchase of ri used tires is an environmentally sound purchase and keeps good serviceable ri used tires from our landfills before their time...buy ri used tires...
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